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Project Announcement! New powder detergent spray-drying plant for ABC Deterjan A.S.


Ballestra is thrilled to announce the signing of the contract for the supply of a new powder detergent spray-drying plant for ABC Deterjan A.S., one of the leading companies in the cleaning products in Türkiye since the day of its foundation.​

The plant, fully automated for an easy and friendly operator interface, is developed on computational fluid dynamics simulation and complete with Ballestra proprietary heat recovery system, allowing to drastically reduce the plant carbon footprint.​

Higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, recycling and reusing of products and materials are the drivers to produce sustainable detergents based on Ballestra state of the art spray drying technology. ​

We are honored to have the opportunity to collaborate again with ABC and proud to deliver to the market the excellence of Ballestra technology.

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