Desmet Ballestra is pleased to announce the successful commissioning and start-up of a Detergent Powder production plant with a capacity of 10.000 kg/h, based on the proprietary Spray Drying SABIZ technology, and Toilet/Laundry Soap plant with a capacity of 6.000 kg/h based on the latest Mazzoni LB technology “Universal-Integrated SCTU-C Process” for the company Aspira Nigeria Ltd.
It is the second lot of plants designed and commissioned by Desmet Ballestra as a reward for the great work done together with Aspira Nigeria Ltd., a growing company located in Kano that is becoming one of the largest manufacturers & distributors of high quality personal and laundry care products in the North of Nigeria.
This important achievement confirms Desmet Ballestra leading position in the country, with over 2 million tons per year of installed capacity as detergent powder and soap bars.

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