Ballestra Group has reached an agreement with Sagittario S.p.A. for the purchase of Mazzoni LB spa soap and detergent operations. The closing of the deal has taken place on March 15, 2017.


Ballestra Group

Ballestra Group is proud to announce this further enlargement of its technology portfolio through the acquisition of Mazzoni and IIT companies from Sagittario spa.

Mazzoni is the world leader in design and supply of soap production plants and equipment. They develop and provide specialized solutions for the soap production industry, as well as innovative oleo-chemical solutions which will further complement the Ballestra Group technology portfolio. IIT, founded in 1976, was recently acquired by Mazzoni, and has available know-how in sulphonation plants and relevant critical equipment which smartly extend the solution range currently proposed by Ballestra to meet its client requirements. Mazzoni and IIT will further benefit from the strong commercial and marketing resources of the worldwide sales and technical support network of Ballestra Group to provide enhanced service to their current and future client base. The Mazzoni present management remains unchanged to facilitate the integration of the two company’s operations.

With this acquisition, the Ballestra Group confirms its undisputed world leadership in developing, engineering and supplying processing plants and proprietary equipment for: the Oilseeds, Oils and Fats and Animal Feed industries; the Oleochemical and Biodiesel industries;

the Detergents and Surfactants industries; and the Soap industry. Additionally, over the last 15 years, through leverage on its process technology know-how and licensing of world-class technologies, the Ballestra Group has also become a reputable player in the Inorganic Chemicals and Fertilizers industry. Ballestra benefits from a great worldwide reputation, thanks to over 70 years of unequalled experience, a strong R&D commitment and the most extensive customer base in the industry.


Sagittario, an industrial-financial holding company, sold Ballestra  in 2006 enabling the creation of the Ballestra Group. Sagittario is committed to develop new technologies and products for the world markets. Its primary investments today are:

  • Bertuzzi Food Processing S.r.l. specialized, since 1936, in the design, manufacture, and supply of complete plants and machines to transform any type of fruit into juices (clear, cloudy, pulpy), concentrates, nectars, baby food, jams, ready-made drinks, and in general any fruit/vegetable base products including basis for yoghurt, vegetables sauces/ketchup and tomato paste as well as to produce UHT milk, etc.

  • Axor Ocrim S.r.l. specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of complete plants to produce pasta (long, short and special shape), as well as of critical equipment to produce snacks.

  • Temix Oleo S.p.A. specialized since 1980 in the manufacture and trade of raw materials and intermediates (fatty alcohols, alcohol ethoxilates, fatty acid, glycerine, esters lauryl ether sulphate, tertiary amines, etc.) for oleo-chemical, soap, surfactant, detergent, lubricant, rubber, textile, plastic, leather, tire, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Temix Oleo presently produces and trades annually over 80.000 tons of oleo-chemicals.

  • 99T SA specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative and highly effective disinfection systems with the goal of significantly reducing the incidence and the effects of health care acquired infections. 99T aims at bringing innovation in disinfection processes through the introduction of truly applicable, pervasive, and affordable technology.

Sagittario and Ballestra Group sales networks will continue to cooperate whenever possible to enhance the presence of the two Groups in the world markets.

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