With more than 550 units installed all over the world under proprietary design and know-how since 1960, the Ballestra plants are estimated to cover a significant part of the world's production of synthetic powder detergents.

The extensive experience and know-how in detergent plants operation also allows Ballestra to assist Clients in better defining their requirements in terms of production programs, product formulation and packaging, so contributing to the best success of new projects.

A permanent and qualified Research & Development staff is dedicated to improving the technology by optimizing the existing processes and developing new ones in the laboratories and pilot plants installed at our Milan headquarters.

The pilot plants are also an unrivalled tool to identify the optimum product characteristics in order to meet local washing habits and specific market requirements.

Each plant is conceived to avoid liquid effluents, while the exhaust gases are treated to comply with the most stringent international specifications.

Plants standard capacities range from 2.000 to 30.000 kg/h. Each plant is designed considering the possibility of substantial future increase of production capacity with limited investment cost.