Single Super-Phosphates (SSP) and Triple Super-Phosphates (TSP) Powder SSP-TSP powder

Single and Triple Super Phosphate Powder Plants Technology

Ballestra offers plants based on technology developed in cooperation with Industrie Chimiche Puccioni

Ballestra know-how includes Single Super Phosphate Powder (P-SSP) and Triple Super Phosphate Powder (P-TSP) Plants with a wide range of production capacities. The P-SSP/P-TSP productions starts from Phosphate Rock and Sulphuric Acid feedstocks,.

Reaction between the feedstocks is carried out inside a reactor of proprietary design. Depending on the size of the plant, two reactor types are available:

  • Kuhlman-Den type, recommended for SSP/TSP low capacity reactors.
  • Broadfield-Den , recommended for SSP/TSP high capacity reactors. 

These reactor design grants several advantages:

  • Product leaving the reaction phase is in powder form, without formation of granules or lumps
  • The reaction section can be fully emptied at the end of a shift or production run
  • High retention time of the product in the reaction section, granting easy operation on downstream SSP handling devices
  • Possibility to have in-line inspection of the reaction section by means of manholes installed on the fixed hoods
  • Low mechanical complexity
  • Easy construction and maintenance of the reactions fumes/gases sealing systems
  • No presence of internal anti-fouling devices.

The Kuhlman-Den reactor can be fed directly with concentrated sulphuric acid, avoiding the acid dilution and almost all the whole waste liquor stream from the scrubbing system can be recycled to the reactor, therefore nearly eliminating the necessity of its disposal.

Environmental impact control, by means of a triple-stage scrubbing system, to contain the plant emissions to the minimum level required by the most stringent laws and standards.